Use This Workbook To Discover How To:

Learn About Plant Medicines: Gain a foundational understanding of plant medicines and their potential for personal growth, healing, and spiritual transformation.

Connect with Your Sacred Feminine: Awaken to your feminine archetypes and embrace the wisdom they have to offer you.

Experience A Guided Imagery Journey: This powerful preparatory tool trains your mind to use visualization and sensory experiences to enhance the transformational potential of plant medicine journeys.

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Meet Annette.

Hello there! I'm Annette, Your Integration Coach.

I have 10-plus years of professional coaching experience, I bring extensive heart-centered knowledge and creative direction to my practice. In 2011, I discovered my love for experiential coaching methods, leading me to pursue training in Character Development using Neuro-linguistic Programming, Business Coaching with Lean Startup Machine, Mental Health Care with Psychodrama and Sociodramatic methods, Birth and Postpartum Coaching, and Addiction Recovery with a focus in Psychedelic Integration.

My mission is to walk alongside my clients by creating the tools and resources they need to navigate any reality they may face. I serve them as they work through the complexities of relational trauma, emotional sobriety, addiction recovery, and the discovery of transcendent self-actualization with plant medicines.

Wherever you are in your integration process, I'm here to empower you on your journey toward healing and growth. Let's explore together how to support your goals and create lasting change.

Client Testimonials

If you were to recommend Annette's Coaching to your best friend, family member, or co-worker what would you say?

"I love the Heartscape approach and how she shows people HOW to integrate once back in "real" life and to live and love from their heart space." - Jen

"Annette is a great listener and I appreciate the assertiveness that comes with her advice. Annette also has a keen and natural way of guiding you through your own thoughts in order to reach those authentic truths and answers. - Vanessa

"I was sitting on a story of my plant medicine journeys and within an hour I discovered answers I had not even thought of with Annette's questions". - Bryan

"I would tell them that Annette coaches deeply, honestly, intuitively and with so much care, one will become a better person having known Annette. She is the best at what she does." - Gina

"I came to Annette to face the heartbreak that had become all-consuming in my life. She walked with me on the path of my own hero's journey as I discovered all the beauty of my own Heartscape." - Gracon

"Annette is amazing! She always asks the right questions and guides me to a deeper level of understanding and integration. I get a different perspective through our conversations and a higher level of self-awareness." - Yohanny