Meet Annette.

"Hello, I'm Annette, your Integration Coach.

With over a decade of professional coaching experience, my approach is grounded in spontaneity and creativity. Currently, I am in my fifth year of intensive therapeutic plant medicine integration which enriches my coaching practice.

In 2011, I discovered a passion for experiential coaching methods, which inspired me to pursue training in character development. This led me to specialize as a Lean Startup Business Development and Sales Coach. My approach here emphasizes learning through failure, helping clients to adjust swiftly and thrive.

Beyond business coaching, my background includes rigorous studies in Mental Health Care, with specialized training and supervision in Psychodrama and Sociodramatic methods. I've also been privileged to assist families as a Birth and Postpartum Doula, and to support numerous courageous individuals through Plant Medicine Addiction Recovery.

My mission is to provide unwavering support to my clients, creating and tailoring resources that empower them to navigate through any reality they may be facing. I specialize in plant medicine preparation and integration that assists those dealing with relational trauma, emotional sobriety, and healing from addiction to meet themselves anew through the transcendent power of self-actualization.

No matter where you are in your integration journey, I am here to empower you toward healing and growth. Together, let's create a plan that supports your goals and fosters enduring change.


Welcome to The Art of Integration: Plant Medicine Support Circle. Please Complete The Form Below To Join This Group

"Unlocking potential, one heart at a time."

Step Into The Art of Integration

This community support circle is dedicated to offering guidance and support for those who wish to explore plant medicines. We believe in the healing potential of nature and encourage the thoughtful, responsible, and respectful integration of plant medicines into our lives for wellness, growth, and transformation.

Our Mission:

  1. Nurturing a diverse, supportive community that celebrates each unique journey with plant medicine.
  2. Igniting dynamic conversations and cultivating knowledge-sharing around plant medicine use.
  3. Advocating safe, informed, and responsible use of plant medicines.
  4. Promoting holistic health, healing, and personal evolution.


Our circle meets bi-monthly with each gathering focusing on a particular topic related to plant medicine. Discussion topics include the medicinal and therapeutic use of different plant medicines, scientific research, ethical sourcing, and personal integration experiences.


Membership is FREE and open to anyone aged 18 and above. We welcome individuals with all levels of experience, whether you're just beginning your journey with plant medicine, or have been walking this path for years.

Member Responsibilities:

  1. Show respect for the diversity of experiences and viewpoints within our community.
  2. Adhere to the community's guidelines and principles.
  3. Engage in discussions with openness and authenticity.
  4. Foster a safe and supportive atmosphere for all.

Safety and Confidentiality:

We take the safety and confidentiality of our members seriously. All discussions within the group are to be treated as confidential and are not to be shared outside of the group. It is crucial to respect each other's privacy and experiences.

Important Disclaimer:

This circle is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We do not promote or encourage illegal activities. Some substances discussed may be illegal in certain jurisdictions. It is the responsibility of members to understand and comply with the laws in their area.

Join Us On The Journey:

If you feel a calling to be a part of our community, to learn, share, grow, and explore the world of plant medicine, we warmly invite you to join us. Fill out the intake form above to get started.

Let's navigate the journey of plant medicine integration together, honoring the wisdom of nature and harnessing it for our collective well being and growth.